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Who is my Neighbour?

Discover the beauty and vibrant history of

St. Jacobs’ Village and the Mennonite Community.

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Museum Tour

* on Market Days we offer 15 min, public video presentations on the Old Order Mennonites at $5/person. No reservation required. To book a 1 hour museum tour including the history of the Mennonites, past and present. Please reserve in advance. Bus groups welcome!

Please contact us! 

Private Group Tours are offered by reservation. 

We have guided groups from 1-55 people.

Learn about the history of Mennonites from their early Anabaptist beginnings in Europe to their eventual migration to North America and other parts of the world. Visitors to the museum have the opportunity to step into a replica of an Old Order meetinghouse and get a flavour of the many ways Mennonites around the world worship together. Our exhibits and personal stories allow visitors to become truly engaged with the Mennonite Story and identity.

$5 per person with a $50 minimum.

and email us about accessibility or language/translation. 


"Back Roads"        Bus Tour

Schedule your own private tour with us!

We are happy to do a tour for 2 persons, and can accommodation up to 23 people. No group is too small! 

$395.00 per tour. Plus tax.

And email us to request certain sites, food or stops. 

The closest thing to the Mennonite experience:   Let us take you throughout the Plain Community, among the Old Order Mennonites who inhabit the region. See how they live, and how their lifestyle has shaped the world around them.

We supply a bus & a local tour guide who have permission to go through farms & down buggy lanes. Your own guide starts you with a video and Q&A about Mennonites & Amish, plus 90min on the road to see your choice of sites and one stop...and get a snack that really "schmecks gut"! 

Car Tour

"thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to tour the museum and learn about Mennonite history and culture.  You provided such a wealth of information about Mennonite life and we all learned so much from you!" 

—  Michelle Fernandes & family, Sept 2020

School Group
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School & Educational Groups

By Appointment Only

Contact for more information

    A visit to The Mennonite Story is an opportunity for students to participate in immersive learning. Students have the opportunity to broaden their worldview and engage with history and culture they may not regularly interact with. Plan an unforgettable field trip when you book a school group tour with The Mennonite Story.

     Our exhibits are appropriate for students of all ages.  Adult businesses, agencies & programs can gain knowledge & context which allow them to better engage hard to reach plain communities.

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Step-On Guides for 

Tour Buses

By Appointment Only

Contact us for more information

    We will guide your group through the Mennonite Community and rural countryside.   You can see the beauty of the countryside, while hearing about the storied history, culture and faith of the Mennonite & Amish communities in this region. 

    We recommend starting your tour by viewing our 14min video: "Old Order Mennonites".  Entry to our museum can be arranged as well.

    Step-On Guides provided at $2/person/hour, with a $200 minimum.

Guided Bus Tour

to Our Site

We Welcome Visitors from far and near to enjoy the rich Heritage of our Mennonite Friends and Neighbors! 

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