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Learn, Discover, Reflect

at The Mennonite Story, St. Jacob's, Ontario.

The Mennonite Story

The Mennonite Story Interpretive Centre is located in the charming village of St. Jacobs, Ontario. We strive to creatively and respectfully share Mennonite history, faith and culture. Our multimedia facility continues to spark the interest of diverse visitors from across Canada and the world. Visitors to The Mennonite Story have the opportunity to take a guided tour through interactive displays, as well as short video or film presentations.

Your inside tour begins with a video entitled ‘The Old Order’. Then you are guided along displays that describe the history, culture, and religion of Mennonites yesterday and today, here and around the world. Ask about our audio translation available in 9 languages! Extend your experience with an outside tour of the beautiful countryside, and fully immerse yourself in our local Mennonite communities.  

Our Tours

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Museum Tours

Learn about the rich history of Mennonites locally and worldwide at our multimedia facility located in picturesque St. Jacobs.  

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Countryside Tours

Immerse yourself in the world of the local

Old Order Mennonite community and see the beauty of rural Ontario. 

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Schools & Group Education

Visiting “The Mennonite Story” is an engaging learning opportunity for students of all ages.

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Step-On Guided
Country Bus Tours

Learn about how the experiences of the Mennonite community have shaped St. Jacobs and the Waterloo region.

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"It was wonderful to meet you on Saturday and thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to tour the museum and learn about Mennonite history and culture."

—  M Fernandes, unsolicited email

The Village of St. Jacobs

The Village of St. Jacobs is a beloved destination steeped in history and set in a charming location along the Conestoga River, and only 3 km north of St. Jacobs Farmers' Market. 

It's a community known for originality, one-of-a-kind shops, and as a place that blends a pastoral setting with remarkable shopping experiences and fun things to do.

Experience the magic of visiting St. Jacobs; getting to know the shopkeepers and enjoying the charm of the town.

Mennonite & Amish Plain Communities

This region is home to many the types of Mennonites described at The Mennonite Story.  You can see Mennonite meeting houses, parochial schools, farms, shops, horses & buggies, and our people themselves.  please be respectful as they go about their plain lifestyle.

West Montrose Covered Bridge

See this rare site, the longest covered bridge in Ontario, situated in the hamlet of West Montrose.  Once supporting a provincial highway, it is still a functioning roadway bridge, passable for light vehicles, including horse and buggies.

Rural Countryside

Driving in this area, you can see plenty of pastoral scenes, and natural vistas.  On any given day you may witness farming practices you remember from yesteryear as well as futuristic technology you hadn't imagined.

Mennonite Food & Products

In addition to shops in St Jacobs Village, the Township of Woolwich has many on farm stores, shops and roadside stands selling products from local homes & farms, such as:  apples, maple syrup, baking, quilts, flowers, & quilts.

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